Kelvion Shell & Tube Single ComFin combines the advantages of a shell & tube heat exchanger with a compact fin design, resulting in a highly efficient and space-saving solution. You can choose a standardized or customized design to best suit your application. Single tubes and special fins are built together in one robust cooler bundle. This construction, together with optimized tolerances, produces a highly efficient and compact heat exchanger – up to 75% smaller than a conventional tubular heat exchanger with plain tubes.

This heat exchanger type offers major advantages for applications where oil or air has to be cooled. The enlarged surface on the shell side compensates the lower heat transfer value of such media. It is ideal for customers who require a reliable, low-maintenance and high-quality heat exchanger that is also long-lasting and takes up minimum space. Due to its robust cylindrical design the heat exchangers have good resistance to vibrations and shock loads.

The Kelvion Shell & Tube Single Comfin is available as P-Series and N-Series. The P-Series covers standardized shell design while the N-Series provides customized welded shell design. We can also provide special solutions, fully tailored to your individual needs, as well as insert bundles to integrate into your equipment and machines.


The standardized solution for oil and air cooling

The PF Type, which combines a P Type shell with a compact fin bundle, is the standardized, short-delivery product for various oil and air cooling applications. The heat exchanger shell consists of a steel pipe with cast end pieces at each side, which are bonded together mechanically. A non-welded mechanical connection provides accurate tolerances. The shells are resistant to pressures up to 25 bar. We can provide different shell diameters and lengths to suit a wide range of design requirements. The individual combination of shell size, tube bundle executions and various connection types for the primary and secondary side makes each heat exchanger one of a kind, custom-built to your application. On the tube side you can choose 1, 2 or 3 pass executions to select the right layout and size for your system. Different materials for the shell, the connection parts, the tubes and the fins are available to meet the requirements of varying cooling water qualities (such as closed circuit water, clean water, open water or sea water). The version for open water and sea water is equipped with sacrificial anodes to protect the bundle against corrosion. The double O-ring construction makes it possible to inspect the tube side while the shell side remains pressurized. This feature also prevents intermixing of fluids in the event of damage to the O-ring. Additionally, the fin pitch of the compact fin bundle can be adapted to the media of your process. The modular design results in compact and efficient shell & tube heat exchangers. In addition, short production lead times and lean production processes guarantee cost efficiency.


P-Type oil cooler for refrigeration applications

Within the P Series we also offer a special version for the refrigeration industry – the PFR Type. It is ideal where the oil of screw compressors has to be cooled with another fluid applied in refrigeration systems. The oil, with some refrigerant, flows through the large surface of the compact fin stack of the cooler shell, while the non-oil fluid passes through the tube side of the stack with its smaller surface. We have a model for closed-loop systems and, for more aggressive liquids, the cooler can be internally coated or equipped with sacrificial anodes and corrosion resistant materials, such as bronze. For thermosyphon applications, we developed a version to withstand 25 bar pressure on both the shell and the tube side. Here the media enter as liquids and evaporate on the tube side of the cooler.


The S&T Single ComFin N-series is the right choice if the demand exceeds the maximum size, performance or construction features of the P-series. Like the PF Type, the NF Type includes compact fin technology in the bundle. The difference is that the N-series has a customized, welded shell, which means that a wide variety of materials, construction and design codes can be applied. The heat exchangers can be supplied as a single unit or with changeover valves and pipes in a heat exchanger set. We can also install the appropriate sensors to monitor your process.


Our long-standing expertise, together with our extensive portfolio of standardized and custom-made products, means we can design tubular heat exchangers specifically for our customers’ systems and installations. To meet the demands of size, weight and performance, we have developed special cast cooler parts in cooperation with our customers. In some cases complete new combinations of materials were applied. Our experienced R&D team is able to fulfil your customized heat exchanger requirements, validated by our testing facilities.


Where a complete heat exchanger is not required, we can offer you a bundle to install in your equipment, such as engine casings. The bundles come in a compact fin or a plain tube design, in a wide range of dimensions up to a diameter of 590 mm.

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