Most of the industrial processes require heat exchanger equipment and miscellaneous pressure vessels. The great variety of industrial processes and applications require a wide capability of performing complex thermal and mechanical design as well as the capacity and experience in manufacturing heavy equipment made of special materials to withstand demanding operating conditions.

Shell & Tube equipment is a very wide category of products that are suited for very simple storage tanks for low pressure and low temperature applications to complex reactors for high demanding applications. 

The most common processes in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical, Food & Beverages and Heavy & Light Industry require a significant number of equipment to exchange heat or to storage different fluids or components. For all of them we have a specific solution.

We offer highly specialized thermal and mechanical design resources as well as manufacturing capabilities to produce everything from very simple equipment to large and heavy equipment made of thick and high grade materials.

With our product portfolio we offer: pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors and columns of any kind for any purpose.

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